Dansk Biokemi acquires an area of ​​100,000 m2

For the construction of Northern Europe’s first wheat biorefinery on the Island of Lolland close to Nakskov Harbour.


Dansk Biokemi will be the owner of a building site located close to Nakskov Harbour on the Island of Lolland.

The location is attractive for Dansk Biokemi due to the Islands of Lolland and Falster have some of the highest wheat crop yields in Denmark and the wheat are grown sustainably with in crop rotations including peas and sugar beets. The strong local wheat supply provides Dansk Biokemi with a logistic advantage. The traceability of the feedstock gives Dansk Biokemi a favorable position to produce food and feed applications with a high climate profile (low CO2), producing biochemicals replacing traditional plastic and outfacing petrochemical products.     

Despite a large Danish livestock production, a sizeable surplus of Danish wheat with low protein content are being exported for semi-optimal use. This Project constitutes a new way of doing business, neither using the wheat grain for sub-optimal single use feed (standard practice in Denmark) nor for inputs in energy products (standard practice with exported grains). Instead, the Project advances the “Green-transition” by offering engineering solutions that separates the wheat grain components into separate high value products enabling tomorrow’s food, feed and bio-material applications.

Better resource utilization and increased value creation brings a concrete benefit to the farming community and offers replicable solutions across Europe.

Dansk Biokemi and its partners offers engineering solutions that allow for optimal use of Danish wheat protein. From an environmental perspective this new wheat protein value-chain will deliver real impact via the replacement of imported soyabean meal and by offering a replacement for fishmeal. Dansk Biokemi also allows local produced protein as part of an excellent bread baking tradition.