Exclusivity on harbour location at the harbour of Grenaa (seaport)

Dansk Biokemi ApS was given exclusivity and with a mandate to develop the wheat biorefinery business opportunity on the harbour of Grenaa (seaport) Having a Harbour location (Grenaa harbour)) advances sustainable logistics: all the way from field to production to the end user


Despite a large livestock production, there is a sizeable amount of excess Danish wheat with low protein content being exported for semi-optimal use. This Project constitutes a new way of doing business, neither using the wheat grain for sub-optimal single use feed (standard practice in Denmark) nor for inputs in energy products (standard practice with exported grains). Instead, the Project advances the “Green-transition” by offering engineering solutions that separates the wheat components into separate high value products enabling tomorrows food, feed and bio-material applications. Better resource utilization and increased value creation brings about concrete benefits to the farming community and offers replicable solutions across Europe.

Interestingly, the Project offers engineering solutions that allow for optimal use of Danish wheat protein – traditionally low on protein because of a rigorous regulatory environment. From an environmental perspective new wheat protein value-chains will deliver real impact via the replacement of imported soy and by offering a fishmeal replacement alternative. Interestingly, the Project also allows for use of local protein as part of an excellent bread baking tradition.

  • 125,383 m2
  • 100m harbour front
  • Exempt from Port Charges at “GrenaaHavn”