Sustainable use of wheat grain

Thinking holistically is all about taking the know-how from the world leading Danish agricultural sector and combining it with the needs in the chemicals market – producing food, feed and biochemical products, while replacing petrochemical products.

Business philosophy

To tie carbon from cultivated plants into new products and materials that replaces fossil carbon is a part of the Green Transition.

The objective for Dansk Biokemi is to intelligently utilize an existing resource and our focus is on wheat grain. This is done by applying a process that separate the valuable fractions of proteins, oil and starch (sugars), and to use about half of the starch (about 65 % of the seed) as raw material for new biomaterials such as Lactic Acid and Poly Lactic Acid, which in turn is used in the production of plant-based biodegradable or nondegradable plastic applications.

Side streams from the process:

  • Gluten protein – mainly for the baking flour industry and for a protein supplement for production of fish feed pellets.
  • Bran, the fibers from the grain – mainly for the feed marked or the marked for cereals for human consumption.
  • A residue of a mixture of starch, proteins, and fibers – well known as a valuable feed for slaughter pigs, we aim to make a bioconversion unit (insect production) upgrading the residue to a valuable insect protein aimed at the fish feed market.

There will be no waste from the production.  

Intelligent engineering, leading to better resource utilization, thereby directly addressing tomorrow’s food, climate and job-generating challenges, that is the core philosophy of this business opportunity.